Individual Coaching

Sharp one on one guidance
Whether you’re in a public or private environment and want dedicated attention to improve your communication skills, we work closely with you; virtually and in-person; to help you create an impact wherever you go. We employ a combination of customized coaching sessions, readings and reflections to help you better organize your thoughts and express them more confidently, clearly and concisely. Enhanced one on one communication with your mentor will further augment your learning process and will introduce you to eye-opening strategies of handling large crowds, grilling interviews and packed boardrooms.


Diverse Skills for Diverse Problems
We organize and conduct highly diverse yet customized and integrated workshops and sessions that include the essentials of impactful communication, executive and leadership presence, adaptive leadership and its sensitized communication, negotiation, team building and synergy and creative problem solving.

Very high customer satisfaction has been reported by clients who have cited that these workshops exceed high expectations.

Corporate Leadership Training

Custom Programs for Custom Needs
Our training programs are unique and custom-designed for each client by conducting an assessment of the organization’s current situation, strengths, and weaknesses. Our expert use case studies from premier schools in the world such as Harvard, to create an environment of experiential learning that can be retained for long and be applied to various spheres of business.

Professional Development

Nurturing Leadership & Team Skills
As leaders, co-workers and team members collaborating on a group project, it is imperative to share and receive ideas effectively. Needless to say, for the success of any business initiative, it is essential for everyone to communicate clearly and regularly. Something as basic as sending an email sent to a senior, junior or peer colleague has the potential to jeopardize an important professional relationship, if worded wrongly. Leaders and managers often find it difficult to offer criticism to an employee. The ability to communicate with dexterity is central to solving the these problems and for sound professional development of an individual. Our comprehensive program will equip you with the skills necessary to help you emerge as a leader and bring about a positive change in the workplace.